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Port Talk – Graham Harman on speculative realism


Dear Art and Architecture Club,

We are pleased to announce a Port Talk sponsored by the Art and Architecture Club on Wednesday 8 July, 8 pm, Churchill Room, London House. The speaker is Graham Harman, a major figure in contemporary continental philosophy, author of several recent books on Heidegger and phenomenology (and most recently of the first philosophical monograph in English on Bruno Latour), and professor at the American University of Cairo. He will be speaking on the Speculative Realist movement which he co-founded. See attachment/poster below for more details. Hope you can join us for this special event.

For more info:
See the Wikipedia entry on Speculative Realism:
An article in the art magazine Frieze about Graham Harman:
Another article in the art magazine Frieze about Speculative Realism:

You can also download for free Professor Harman’s excellent book on Bruno Latour; it was published last month by the open-source academic publication house Re:Press —

all best
Eu Jin and Katherine

Download poster (64 kb)

Image above: The Speculative Realists — Graham Harman with Iain Hamilton Grant, Quentin Meillassoux, and Ray Brassier.


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